01. Sales Agency Business

As an authorized distributor in Japan, we sell products from around the world that we import through our own channels.

We place great importance on prior discussions with manufacturers, and devise strategic marketing measures with the primary goal of accurately conveying to Japanese consumers the feelings that manufacturers have put into their products.

We serve as a bridge between the world and Japan, delivering innovative products to people.

02. Original Brand Business

In an ever-advancing world, consumer needs are becoming more and more diverse, and some of them are latent needs that people themselves are not even aware of.

We analyze the market and social trends from a bird’s eye view, and work daily to develop products that can satisfy such potential demand, and sell products that provide better value to consumers as our original brand.

Why Us?

We aim to optimize sales by considering sales methods, marketing techniques, and branding that best suit the product.

Sales Strategy Planning

We develop and implement sales promotion methods and optimal marketing strategies based on market research.


We will effectively raise awareness of the product, using social networking sites including Instagram and Facebook, media releases, and web advertisements.


We create videos, images, and catchphrases that catch the visitor's attention and make the funding more effective.


We sell products through a number of channels, including our own online store, Amazon, Rakuten, and other e-commerce sites.


We advertise and market with creative designs that enhance the image of your brand.

Customer Service

We will always support our customers in a courteous manner in order to increase customer satisfaction and develop the brand.